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Underwater ‘city’ built by octopuses

Scientists have discovered
Octlantis — an underwater
site built entirely by octopuses,
where they communicate
with each other
by posturing, chasing or
colour changes.

Researchers from the
University of Illinois in the
U.S. found the site in the
waters off the east coast of
Australia, that is the home
of up to 15 gloomy octopuses.
It is the second
gloomy octopus settlement
found in the area, and the
discovery lends credence
to the idea that octopuses
are not necessarily loners.
The first gloomy octopus
site was found in Jervis
Bay off the east coast of
Australia in 2009. The new
site is located just a few
hundred meters away from
the first site, and has been
dubbed Octlantis.

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