Did you know who came first chicken or egg? Know the reason

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Did you know who came first chicken or egg? Know the reason

So friends, at school we all often used to say that we used to make fun of one of our friends, the first chicken came or the egg? At that time it was a joke. But now this has been certified by research. So let’s know who came before the chicken or egg.

In fact, according to the research conducted in 2010, researchers from Sheffield and Warwick University of England tried to solve this puzzle. And researchers claim that the first chicken came in. He researched a protein in his research. Which is known as ovoclidin 17 ie (oc 17). It is a protein that helps in making egg shell.


According to the main researcher, it is very important to have chicken to make eggplant. Because protein is needed to make egg shell. This protein is in the ovary of chicken.


It is clear from this research that the shell of egg is done by the proteins found in poultry ovary i.e. the egg comes from chicken only. Now the question is that the chicken came from? In response to this question, researchers say that chickens have been born of species of birds which gives eggs.

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