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Implementing the Indo-Ceylon pact

Fifty Years Ago September 19, 1967

Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India, told the IndiaCeylon
Association to-day [Sept. 18, Colombo] that India had
taken all necessary steps to fulfil its obligations under the 1964
agreement on the question of citizenship for people of Indian
origin. She was happy to learn similar action was being taken
by the Ceylon Government. She appealed to the people of Indian
origin who had already become Ceylon citizens and those
who were yet to acquire this citizenship to completely identify
themselves with Ceylon and give it their fullest loyalty. Mrs. Indira
Gandhi expressed the hope that her visit and talks with
Ceylon’s Prime Minister Mr. Dudley Senanayake… “will enlarge
the area of understanding and co-operation between our
two countries”.

Release of the interned

A Public Meeting was held last evening [September 18] in the
Gokhale Hall [in Madras], to congratulate the Interned Patriots
on their release, with Dr. Sir S. Subramania Iyer in the chair. In
spite of the short notice, the hall was full before the appointed
hour and several had to go disappointed for want of accommodation.
The meeting was attended by several non-Brahmanas.
The sight of the audience with joyous countenances afforded
a happy and striking contrast to that which had
assembled in the Gokhale Hall just after the Internments. Two
large photos, one of Mrs. Besant and another of Sir Rabindranath
Tagore, drawn by a young artist of Lahore, aged 19,
were put up in front of the Chairman’s table.

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